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Flowbee Haircutting System

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Professional style haircuts at a fraction of the cost with Flowbee!

With the Flowbee Precision Haircutting System, you get professional hairstyling results in the convenience of your own home. In fact, the system is so simple and precise, you can give yourself a perfect cut... even with your eyes closed!

FlowbeeIn the same fashion that hairdressers pull the hair up between their fingertips to give a layered scissors cut, the Flowbee uses the suction power of your household vacuum to draw the hair up to the desired length, and then gives it a perfect cut...every time. Most popular hairstyles from 1/2" to 6" long can be cut with Flowbee. The Flowbee spacers make it IMPOSSIBLE to cut the hair shorter than the length for which they are set. For that perfect tapered cut around the ears and neck, specially designed spacers are also supplied.

Item is designed to work on straight, not curly or kinky hair.

On the Cutting Edge!

The Technologically-Advanced Flowbee Precision Haircutting System Revolutionizes the Hair Care Industry

Every so often, an industry will experience a technological break through that revolutionizes the way it operates. In order to achieve such a breakthrough, the new technology must out perform the old, it must introduce new efficiency never before known, and it must save money. The Flowbee Precision Haircutting System is just such a breakthrough in the haircutting industry. The patented design of the Flowbee out performs traditional haircutting techniques by providing a perfect cut every time.

Flowbee Haircutting SystemThe Flowbee has also introduced an efficiency never before known in the haircutting industry. A precision layered cut can be achieved in 5-10 minutes, with no clean up necessary when you are finished. As for cost savings, there is no comparison to the Flowbee. For most families, the Flowbee will pay for itself in just a few months and it will last for years!

The Flowbee Precision Haircutting System is guaranteed to perform hundreds of precision haircuts, yet it can pay for itself in just a few months, just follow the easy, step-by-step instruction manual included with each Flowbee, and the savings begin with the very first haircut.

Easy Setup, No Cleanup... Just Great Haircuts

The days of towels, brooms and dust pans are gone. With the Flowbee Precision Haircutting System all of the trimmed hair goes directly into your vacuum, there are no more itchy necks or messes to sweep up afterwards.

The Flowbee is so neat and efficient that you can give yourself a trim just minutes before a party or that important business meeting!

Never Look Like You Need A Haircut... Never Look Like You Just Had A Haircut!

The beauty of the Flowbee Precision Haircutting System is that it keeps hair at just the right length...all the time. Now you can trim your hair as often as necessary to keep that perfect look. Never again will your hair be too long and unmanageable. Never again will you have that "just - got - a - haircut" look! Now your hair can look the way you always want it to look...all the time!

  • Easy set-up and clean-up
  • Great for the entire family
  • Instruction booklet

    Flowbee Haircutting System Set

    Flowbee system contains:

    • 1 Flowbee Head w/hose
    • Transformer
    • Spacers (to adjust hair length)
    • 1 bottle of Oil
    • Universal Vacuum Adapter
    • Manual for usage

    Does NOT include vacuum

    Backed by the manufacturer's one-year warranty

    For Individual Flowbee parts (which we do not sell) please call the manufacturer directly at:(361) 939-9908

    Disclaimer: Due to return policy abuse, we cannot accept returns of used product for a cash refund. This product ships in either the Flowbee box or by US Priority mail flat rate box to save on shipping costs.

  • Qty:


    "I have used the Flowbee for years prior to my ordering it through you. I already knew about the product and like the results I get after using it. However, what I did like about ordering it through you was the price. I shopped on line and saw prices $20 higher than what I paid for it. Service was good and delivery was prompt. I will use your company in the future and will recommend it to others. Taking the time to write this is testimonial enough to delineate my satisfaction."
    John Pringle from Watertown, MA

    "I have previously used the FLOWBEE for people and the FLOWBEE for dogs. No real difference that I can see. The product serves well for cutting my hair and that of my dog. The hose coupling on the new one is nice. Don't have to use the rubber tube and a rubber band. I did not find many points of sale on the web, and you offered the best delivered price I found. "
    James Powers from Mt Juliet, TN

    "I liked everything! it's easy to use, i can cut my hair any time i want to, and i save about $35 a month on haircuts. i just reset the le3ngth so now i have a different cut, and it's very convenient to reset for any length. i love my flow-bee, whom i call "florence b." or "florence bouvier" so my friends still think i'm going to an overpriced stylist. Some people think it';s a joke, so there's a little stigma associated with it. perhaps a marketing strategy based on "having your stylist there any time, night or day" would help this. it's a great product, but people still think of it as kind of "trailer park". Delivery was fast and easy, no problems whatsoever. "
    richard holloway from brookfield, WI

    "I liked the product, flowbee, it works great and I was surprised at how fast it was delievered and that I received it probably before you got my check. I would recommend your company to anyone that is looking for a flowbee. "
    Brad Dudley from Louisville, KY

    "Thank you for the follow up on my order, you are doing an awesome job and I really appreciate that! I am looking forward to receiving my Flowbee and am anxious to try it."
    Janet Miller from Fond du Lac, WI



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